Distaccatevi da e persone chì: 1. Purtate ti. 2. Ti disprezza. 3. Usu ti. 4. Metti ti. - Anònimu

Distaccatevi da e persone chì: 1. Sta per voi. 2. Ti disprezza. 3. Usu ti. 4. Metti ti. - Anònimu

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It is essential to understand all that’s Bonu per voi, and all that harms you. At times, we fall prey to the people who do not think anything beyond their selfish thoughts.

However, we should stir our thoughts to understand the ones who lie to us. We should identify them, and once we get to know their real faces, we should stay away from them and never trust them again.

At the same time, we should stay away from the ones who disrespect us. There are a lot of people who will disrespect you, but hearing out to them simply means that you are allowing them to discourage you.

Refraining yourself from such people will help you retain your self-esteem, and that’s actually good for your mental health.


On the other side, you should also focus on identifying the ones who use you. Try to learn about the ones who have always been using you for their own sake. You must not be the source of benefit for others.

Even if those people are behaving well with you, it is not real, and it is just to polish and oil you for their own advantage.

Also, you should keep yourself away from the people who are always trying to put you down. Make sure that their immoral words aren’t able to restrict you from doing good in life.

Do not let them win, make sure that you are standing against them, and when required, you should maintain distance from them.

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